Fit Outs & General Contracting

Are you looking to change your current business space or add on?Rushton Concepts is the right fit for you!


Our diverse crew is here to manage the whole process to make things run smoothly and deliver it on time and within budget. Utilizing one contractor that has expertise in many divisions of construction will lead to less time and consistent timelines vs multiple subcontractors on your site.

Rushton Concepts makes Fit Outs simple.
Businesses usually need a variety of projects complete to make their space become their own. Our comprehensive services include small handyman projects to moving walls, renovating and adding space.

Our retail clients may want to freshen up the space with new fixtures and finishes, a fresh coat of paint or need large displays moved. We can relocate dressing rooms, add more lighting or finish a list of handyman projects.

Business offices are always influx, rearranging and restaffing to the ever changing market. We can combine offices into a large conference room that's technology centered or we can reconfigure and add more offices to utilize the space better. The most visible area clients like to redesign is the lobby or entrance area. Rushton Concepts can design and revitalize your business and boost your first impression.

Appearance is crucial to restaurants. Ready to expand the dining space? Or need the floor replaced from overuse in the kitchen?  Or do you have small violations from the health department but can't seem to have time to address them. Rushton Concepts is your one stop contractor to rely on for all your needs.